Loki Original Grabs Attention!

Isn’t it awesome…I love the original painting donated by local street artist Loki…what an amazing and inspiring way to raise funds for the hospice.

If you haven’t already placed your bid there is still plenty of time…

If you’re not really interested in owning the painting but would still like to help raise funds for the hospice that’s great…if you’re a Facebook user visit our page and share the Loki Auction post with all your friends…a WordPress user…we’d love you to like and share too…we just want to make sure as many people as possible have the opportunity to bid on this original painting. 

The more people that see the post…potentially more bids…meaning more funds raised for a wonderful Hospice!

Don’t forget you can bid online by emailing Caroline.Welch@stmaryshospice.org.uk

Love Loki…Love the power of online…Love the hospice


Desperately Seeking….

Looking for my forever home…I may be slightly used…a little bruised and past my prime…but I still have a lot to offer.

If you are a garage looking for a door why not call me…01229 824830…too shy to talk you can always leave a message on the retail Facebook page and I’ll get right back to you (Retail at St Mary’s Hospice).

Things you might like to know about me…I’m 69″ tall…93″ wide and could be described as an up and over garage door…although I personally prefer porte de garage…it has a little more finesse to it…don’t you think?


The Greatest Secrets Are Always Hidden In The Most Unlikely Places – Roald Dahl

This week has reminded me once again why I love my job…so much to tell!

Let’s start with the Keswick School of Industrial Arts Vase…one of the warehouse team noticed this out for sale for £1 and thought it might be worth a little more on eBay…so sent it to Dawn, our resident eBayer.

A nice looking vase…but then we get a lot of nice looking items…Dawn diligently researched it…found items by the same school and priced it accordingly…listing it on eBay for auction…starting price £7.99.

Nothing to do on Tuesday night I found myself scrolling through eBay…eyes nearly popping out when I saw the vase had 16 bids and had reached £125…exciting!

That’s the wonderful thing with eBay…sometimes you just never know…you can do as much research as you like and nothing tells you this item is special…you list it and suddenly there is this buzz of unexpected interest and the bids just keep coming!

Love eBay…Love the hospice.


Local street artist Loki has very generously donated an original piece of art to help raise funds for St Mary’s Hospice…how lucky are we? On display at our Ulverston shop.


Blind Auction

An exclusive chance to own a unique piece of artwork created by local artist LoKi.

Simply pop your name, contact details and your best offer price in a sealed      envelope marked “Blind Auction” and pop it in the post box if the shop is open or through our front door if we are closed.

The auction will end at 9am on Tuesday 29th August and the highest bidder will be notified. Please Make your bid as unique as possible to ensure you are the highest bidder.

Online bids can be emailed to Caroline.Welch@stmaryshospice.org.uk


All proceeds from the auction will go to St Mary’s Hospice


This Season Must Have!

The weather seems to be changing…more rain showers…unpredictable…you never know whether to take a waterproof jacket or not…here at the gift shop we have the answer!

Stylish…fun…practical! What more do you need…fits comfortably in your bag until you need it…what a fantastic idea.

We have a number of colours and designs…but this one is my favourite!


I Believe In Mermaids…

I’ve been sat the last half hour trying to photoshop images of a piece of furniture I found in the warehouse today…without success!

I wanted to show you both the wacky and the wonderful items we receive!

What caught my attention was an awesome coffee table…a four foot mermaid balancing a glass table top on her tail and arm…how often do you see one of those! 

I would love to show you pictures but you will just have to use your imagination…suffice to say it only lasted 12 hours on shop floor before it was sold…people do like something a little different!