Here’s To A Merry Warehouse Christmas… 

It’s never too early to get your Christmas decorations up…here in the warehouse Christmas is in full swing and the customers are loving it!

We’ve almost sold a dozen Christmas trees…you can even buy them ready decorated for a little extra…our Trish has done an amazing job sprucing them up!

It wouldn’t surprise me if next time I’m at the Warehouse they’ve  got Carol Singers and roasted chestnuts!


Could This Be Our First Steampunk Inspired Piece…

We currently have a table and four chairs for sale in the warehouse…the most unusual I have seen! 

According to HuffPost…Caitlin Kittredge described Steampunk as…Victorian Industrial…and I wonder if this table and chairs would fit the bill!

Glass…heavy wood and industrial metal…designer piece or homemade…we really don’t know!

If you want a dining set that is a conversation starter this could be the one but you will need muscles to lift the chairs!

I have taken pictures (below) but they don’t do it justice…come down to the Warehouse and see it in all it’s glory…you won’t be disappointed.

That Friday Feeling…

My mother always used to say ‘ Don’t cry over spilled milk’…and I tend to agree…unless of course that spilled milk is part of your yummy hot chocolate and it is now flowing freely over your desk…paperwork and computer keyboard…then a few tears are perfectly acceptable!

That was Thursday’s mishap…one of many this week!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel clumsy in your thoughts and your actions…that’s been me this week! Spilled drinks…mispronounced words…tripping over thin air…thank goodness it’s Friday!

I intend spending my weekend flicking between our Ebay and Facebook page…it’s never boring in Retail…an auction to follow on Ebay…shop posts to read on Facebook…what more could I want…except maybe a hot chocolate!

hot choc


All That Glitters…

I love how everyone associated with retail has embraced the idea of Ebay…it makes the job so much easier!

Instead of one pair of eyes trying to pick out items suitable for Ebay we now have a veritable army taking part… shop staff and volunteers…not really involved in Ebay but eagerly looking through their shop donations for that one item that is going to give us all a pleasant surprise!

Jean at Barrow shop loves looking after the jewellery donations for us…she is meticulous…sorting…cleaning…checking…pricing…displaying…she can do it all! A couple of weeks ago she came across something that she thought could be worth something…she took it off to a local jeweller and came back very excited…she had only gone and found a genuine 9ct gold, opal brooch!

Days later and it’s listed on Ebay…and I’m happy to say it has now sold for £90…awesome! Thanks to Jean this exquisite brooch was sold for it’s true value…brilliant news for the person that donated the item and the hospice!

Love Barrow…Love Ebay…Love Volunteers

We are still looking for a dedicated Ebay volunteer…someone with photography skills…simple computer skills…someone who likes researching things…if this appeals to you why not drop me a line on Facebook…Retail at St Mary’s Hospice…and we’ll get right back to you!

Autumn Is Here!

I think the weekend weather was a clear indication that Autumn is well and truly upon us!

Wind…rain…floods…Cumbria is once again mopping up!

We hope our friends, supporters and of course  all residents of Millom and the Lakes have not suffered too much flood damage.

The weekly weather update forecasts more rain…so whether you live in a flood risk area or not it could well be time to dig your wellington boots out of the back of the cupboard…if you haven’t got any and you want to get prepared…pop into our Ulverston shop where we have quite a few!

DIY Project…

Charity retail…what’s not to love…every week something different!

Fancy trying your hand at a bit of DIY this weekend? We have just the thing to kickstart your project…boxes of ceramic tiles!

A great way to try your hand at tiling without spending too much money! Come down to the furniture warehouse and take a look.

Sharing The Love…

Oh my goodness…I’ve just seen this year’s Christmas Puddings and they look amazing!

I kid you not…you are going to be jumping up and down with excitement when you see the new packaging…and that’s before you even taste a pudding!

Sharing the love for St Mary’s Hospice…there’s nothing more to say is there…what a beautiful message.

We have 3 sizes of traditional Christmas puds…gluten free Christmas puds…chocolate and sticky toffee pudding too…find them in our shops from early October!