Working in a charity shop you really need to have an imagination…a sense of fun…you never know what your next donation is going to be…every bag is different…from papier-mâché ducks to vintage cameras…you just never know what you’re going to find!

That’s the beauty of charity shops…working in them…volunteering in them…shopping in them!

If you haven’t experienced a charity shop yet maybe now is the time.

A Wandering We Will Go

It’s been another glorious day for travelling round the shops.

Ulverston…Millom…Grange…all bustling with happy shoppers.

If you haven’t added St Mary’s Hospice shops to your list of ‘must see places’ now is the time to do it.

The sun is shining…the shops are full of bright summer colours…wonderful bargains just waiting to be bought…what better way to spend an August day?


Grange in bloom…you need look no further than Grange shop window…it’s an amazing array of colours and an absolute pleasure to see. 

I’ve been to the shop today and I’m not surprised that the comments box is brimming over with glowing customer feedback…Grange team you have surpassed all expectations…blooming fabulous!

Car…Car…Car Trouble – Adam & The Ants

So…7.30am ready for work…Grange today, looking forward to seeing Linzi and her team. I put my bag in the car…turn the key in the ignition…engine turns over but doesn’t fire up…hmm not good!

Over the next half hour I keep trying but it’s not happening…luckily the garage is just around the corner…I drop off the car key and head to the train station…nothing’s going to stop me getting to Grange today…after all I’m still on the hunt for eBay treasure.

Sitting on the train…enjoying the beautiful scenery…checking off my to do list and writing this blog. No traffic jams…no roadworks or detours…there are some benefits to travelling by train.



Only 153 Sleeps Until Christmas!

I know…I’m sorry…you really don’t want to be thinking about Christmas when the kids have just broken up for their Summer holidays…but I can’t help it…Trish and I have been knee deep in Christmas cards all afternoon…counting them…making sure we have the right numbers…designs for each shop…how can you not feel festive?

The designs this year are so good…I’m not exaggerating…I’m almost scared to give you a sneak preview…I know you’re going to want to buy them right now!

I do have a particular favourite…which I can’t resist showing you! How gorgeous is this card…I don’t think it will take long to sell out!

Cards and diaries will be available to buy very soon, in the shops and online.

What Season Am I In?

From Christmas to summer holidays in the blink of an eye!

After leaving Ulverston I stopped off at our Grange shop which is basking in glorious sunshine…full of holiday makers enjoying the amazing weather and on the look out for bargains.

Seeing them I’ve forgotten all about Christmas puddings!

Grange have adopted the hashtag…#getyourcolouron and it’s easy to see why…Grange in bloom is a beautiful sight to see and the Grange Hospice shop doesn’t disappoint either…colour in abundance…in the window…on the shop floor.

One impressed customer went as far as to say she had never seen a charity shop that looked as good as Grange…she was mesmerised by all the little touches that go to make our shops so special…#getyourcolouron Grange.

The Best Way To Have A Good Idea Is To Have A Lot Of Ideas…Linus Pauling


Have you ever wondered where your ideas come from…why all of a sudden they start flowing like water from a tap…and you can’t turn them off?

I don’t know about you but I never just have one idea…it’s a bit like being at a bus stop…you wait forever and then two or three buses come along at once…you have to choose which one to get on board and hope it’s taking you in the right direction!

Grange shop seems to be a hive of activity at the moment as they try out some of their new ideas. Their latest one involves school uniforms!

Saving money on school uniforms must be every parent’s dream…kitting school age children out for the new school year can be a costly venture. How many times have you got to the end of the school year and found some items of uniform have hardly been worn…they look like new but no longer fit your child?

Grange shop can help…they are encouraging families and schools to donate their unwanted new and used uniform to them…on the run up to the new school term uniforms will be on sale in the shop.

If you or someone you know has uniform to donate or needs to purchase items for the September term then make contact with Linzi…drop in at the shop on Yewbarrow Terrace…call 01539532735 or head to our Facebook page, Retail At St Mary’s Hospice and leave a message…we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.