I Believe In Mermaids…

I’ve been sat the last half hour trying to photoshop images of a piece of furniture I found in the warehouse today…without success!

I wanted to show you both the wacky and the wonderful items we receive!

What caught my attention was an awesome coffee table…a four foot mermaid balancing a glass table top on her tail and arm…how often do you see one of those! 

I would love to show you pictures but you will just have to use your imagination…suffice to say it only lasted 12 hours on shop floor before it was sold…people do like something a little different!

Warehouse Wonderland

Spending time in our furniture warehouse today…it never ceases to amaze me…what a wonderful place to be!

You can feel the energy around the place…everybody busy with a job to do…deliveries to make…collections to pick up…furniture to move…customers to serve…it never stops!

The atmosphere…as always makes it a welcoming warehouse wonderland…a place to come whether you have a purchase in mind or not…you’ll never get bored of just looking…and maybe you will find that thing you never knew you needed…until now!

Why not pay us a visit…have a chat with our wonderful staff and see what all the fuss is about…you won’t be disappointed!



Working in a charity shop you really need to have an imagination…a sense of fun…you never know what your next donation is going to be…every bag is different…from papier-mâché ducks to vintage cameras…you just never know what you’re going to find!

That’s the beauty of charity shops…working in them…volunteering in them…shopping in them!

If you haven’t experienced a charity shop yet maybe now is the time.

If You Come Here You Will Find Hidden Treasure – Paulo Coelho

It’s been a busy week…I’ve visited all the shops…what treasure I’ve found!

The warehouse on Wednesday…a giant Russian telescope…it certainly got my interest! Just seeing the large box was enough to get me thinking…wondering what was inside…opening the lid and seeing the telescope…it was definitely a WOW moment!

They wouldn’t let me take the telescope for eBay…they’re still researching it, but they did give me some interesting bits and pieces, including 2 Beatles records…we’ll soon have them listed in our eBay shop!

I called in at Dalton next and picked up a doctor’s stethoscope and some new shoes from Carol…more stock for eBay!

Millom on Thursday and June had a pile of treasures waiting for me…including an old accordion…its a little bit rusted but has the original case…definitely eBay material! It rattled around my car boot and made a strange kind of music all the way back to Barrow…not the most tuneful if I’m honest…but I’m sure in the right hands it will sound better!

Only 153 Sleeps Until Christmas!

I know…I’m sorry…you really don’t want to be thinking about Christmas when the kids have just broken up for their Summer holidays…but I can’t help it…Trish and I have been knee deep in Christmas cards all afternoon…counting them…making sure we have the right numbers…designs for each shop…how can you not feel festive?

The designs this year are so good…I’m not exaggerating…I’m almost scared to give you a sneak preview…I know you’re going to want to buy them right now!

I do have a particular favourite…which I can’t resist showing you! How gorgeous is this card…I don’t think it will take long to sell out!

Cards and diaries will be available to buy very soon, in the shops and online.

We’re Waiting For Your Call…



The warehouse (and our other shops) are always on the lookout for good quality donations.

The warehouse can take a range of items from furniture to children’s toys and the staff are always happy to help…you just need to pop in or give them a call. Sometimes the warehouse has to turn down a donation…depending on condition and popularity…they’ll always let you know why.

You can contact the warehouse direct on 01229 824830 to discuss any donation you may have or leave them a message on their Facebook page…St Mary’s Hospice Furniture Warehouse.

If you have donations of books, clothes (for our shops) or toys you can call 07541359881 and Trish will arrange for the smaller retail van to pick them up.

If you’re in the area you could just call in and have a chat with one of the team…maybe pick up a bargain whilst you’re there.


Warehouse Wonderland

I’ve been spending time at the warehouse over the last few days and it’s great to hear the customer comments as they’re walking around…people still can’t believe how amazing it actually is…

How big it is…

How much quality stock we have…

How much choice…

There always seems to be a buzz of excitement…from staff…volunteers and customers…we’re all excited!

For staff and volunteers I think the pleasure is in the whole selling experience…which has totally changed since moving premises. They see an opportunity to do great things.

The customer…I think their excitement is twofold…the improved warehouse, increased stock but the same great prices…and the knowledge that a range of hospice services are going to have a home in Barrow…it’s great news.