I Love Everything About Coming Here…

I have Huntington’s and come to the group every week…I love everything about coming here. I like the therapies too.


What Is Valentine’s Day…

You know how sometimes you start thinking about things…then your mind goes off at a tangent and leads you elsewhere…you drift back and forth and suddenly you realise that all of these random thoughts are related…that something links them all…that light bulb moment!

light-bulb-clipart-aha-moment-2First week of January and I start noticing Valentine’s displays popping up in all the high street shops…shock…horror…Valentines…but I’m still finishing off the Christmas cake!!!

After my initial shock I start to panic…what can the hospice shops do for Valentine’s…how can we make our displays different…special?

I started thinking then…what does Valentine’s Day even mean…and is that the same for everybody…so I asked Google (doesn’t everybody?)…what does it mean?

Of course I ended up with a plethora of definitions but my favourite one was this;

Valentine – Something (such as a movie or a piece of writing) expressing uncritical praise or affection (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/valentine.)

And then the penny dropped…Valentine’s Day…it’s about love and caring…and then I knew…the only thing that needs to be expressed in our shop windows this February is the love that flows in abundance for St Mary’s Hospice.

Great idea…stop right there brain…but no…the thoughts kept coming! So much love for the hospice…one day was never going to be enough…what else could we do? My mind was abuzz with ideas…from the sublime to the ridiculous…but then it all started to take shape…a calm descended and a plan was formed…


You’ve Only Got Until Monday! 

That’s right…our blind auction finishes Monday 8th January…if you want your garden parties to be the talk of the town then you need this  cheeky little chiminea!

You know what to do…stick your bid in an envelope and pop it into the Ulverston shop…if you can’t get there but would like to bid contact us on Facebook and we’ll work out a way you can!

Who wouldn’t want Colin (I couldn’t help naming him!)warming up their patio?

We Love A Blind Auction!

Apprentices at Furness College, working with their tutor Scott Wilson, have made a garden wood burner in the style of a “Minion”

They have donated this and other items to St Mary’s Hospice in the hope of raising much needed funds.

It is hoped that this can become a yearly project for Apprentices both to make the gifts and to visit the Hospice to understand our services and importance to the Community

From left to right (picture below), Ben Watson, Sophie Monk, Lee Harkin, Matthew Brown, Reece Mallon and Sam Johnson.

Minion 1

Thanks so much to the Furness College apprentices and their tutor…the wood burner is a fantastic piece of work…they should be really proud!

We have decided  a Blind Auction is the best way to sell this unique wood burner as we’re sure there will be many people who want to own him.

If you would like this cheeky little chimenea to be coming home with you…all you need to do is enter a bid at our Ulverston shop, following the instructions below;minion 1

12 New Market Street,
LA12 7LN
Tel: 01229 580614

Opening hours:
10am – 4pm Monday to Saturday

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Our claim to fame this week…Barrow AFC manager Ady Pennock and player/coach Grant Holt visit our furniture warehouse!

Not only did they visit but they picked up a sofa for the manager’s office…along with a couple of other items.

Isn’t it great that local organisations see the value in what we sell and purchase from us instead of buying new.

I wonder if Allan got their autographs??

allan football club

Put One Person’s Hat On Another’s Head – Chinese Proverb

Sneak preview of our vintage hats from Sue at Ulverston…

They’ll be on sale as soon as possible…aren’t they wonderful?

I don’t think they’ll be on the shop floor long before they’re sold…quality vintage items in great condition always sell!

I Always Check Closets For Narnia…

I had that Friday feeling today so headed to our warehouse…looking for that quirky item I love to feature on the last blog of the week…shock…horror…the warehouse was bereft of the unusual!

Now that’s not to say that the warehouse wasn’t full of some great items…because it had these in abundance…sofas…table and chairs…bedroom furniture…more than I can mention here…but I was on the hunt for the peculiar…the outlandish…the curious!

Alas it was not to be…

However while I was there a cutesy little pine wardrobe came in that made me start thinking of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. The wardrobe is perfect for a child’s bedroom and requires no work…unless of course like me you have a vivid imagination and enjoy making the ordinary extraordinary! You could give it a vibrant paint job…use wallpaper to make it a statement piece or if you’re feeling really brave…paint a scene from Narnia inside it!

The options are endless!