I Believe In Mermaids…

I’ve been sat the last half hour trying to photoshop images of a piece of furniture I found in the warehouse today…without success!

I wanted to show you both the wacky and the wonderful items we receive!

What caught my attention was an awesome coffee table…a four foot mermaid balancing a glass table top on her tail and arm…how often do you see one of those! 

I would love to show you pictures but you will just have to use your imagination…suffice to say it only lasted 12 hours on shop floor before it was sold…people do like something a little different!

Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone’s Cloud – Maya Angelou


I was unexpectedly working in the Barrow shop on Saturday morning, manning the shop floor…I should have been at the Soccer Bar car boot sale so was feeling a little disappointed…but I can honestly say after three hours of serving and chatting to customers…I left there with a spring in my step and a smile on my face!

The characters that came through the door…I could write a book…well at the very least a short blog!

‘What have you done with the regular staff?’ many customers wanted to know…they definitely looked happier when they realised I was a temporary fixture and their favourites would be back next week…I can understand why…we have some amazing volunteers!

The conversations I had that morning…the laughter…the jokes…I saw customers I hadn’t seen in years…they remembered me and I remembered them.

The warmth and familiarity…it felt good…it made me realise what an important part of the community our shop is…it made me proud to work for St Mary’s Hospice…to be involved in the shops and to have the opportunity to serve our wonderful customers.

Love Barrow…Love the Hospice…Love our loyal customers.



Working in a charity shop you really need to have an imagination…a sense of fun…you never know what your next donation is going to be…every bag is different…from papier-mâché ducks to vintage cameras…you just never know what you’re going to find!

That’s the beauty of charity shops…working in them…volunteering in them…shopping in them!

If you haven’t experienced a charity shop yet maybe now is the time.


I’ve spent quite a bit of time at our Barrow shop these last couple of weeks whilst we wait for the new manager to start…it’s been really great hearing firsthand what our customers think of the stock…the prices…the service.

One thing is very clear…they LOVE THEIR £ THING! Price is very important these days and customers at our Barrow shop love the fact that they can dress well for so little…meaning money left over for other things too.


Love the hospice…love Barrow…love those bargains!

£ thing picture 7

Let Your Light Shine.

Barrow shop has gone lampshade crazy!

They have lampshades of all shapes…colours and designs…to fit lamps or ceiling lights.

The Barrow team spent Thursday morning sorting a mammoth collection of lamps and lampshades…only the best for our customers!

I can’t deny there was fun and games too…I mean who can resist wearing a lampshade as a hat (there are pictures but they won’t let me show you!)

It’s Time To Shop!

I’ve just arrived at Ulverston shop…Wow their window is looking good…full of great quality men’s shoes and clothing…yes that’s right…MEN’S!

Come on Men Of Ulverston…get yourself down to St Mary’s Hospice shop this morning…we can help transform you into the dapper chap you’ve always wanted to be!

Brand new with tags…Next trousers…River island shirt…KG dress shoes…all of this for under £20…what’s not to like?


Grange in bloom…you need look no further than Grange shop window…it’s an amazing array of colours and an absolute pleasure to see. 

I’ve been to the shop today and I’m not surprised that the comments box is brimming over with glowing customer feedback…Grange team you have surpassed all expectations…blooming fabulous!