Warehouse…What A Week!

We knew the move to the new warehouse was going to be good…we just didn’t know how good!

Being a bit of a numbers geek I’ve had a quick look at what the figures tell us…in one week we have had…

300 sales rung through the till…

Sold 25 sofas/sofa & chair(s)…

Sold 78 pieces of bric-a-brac…

Picked up over 30 donations of furniture (that could be 1 item or a full house clearance)

This is of course just a snap shot of what has been coming and going through the door during our first week open…between Thursday 22nd and Thursday 29th we have sold a total of 563 items…that’s just amazing!

We have been so pleased to see our regular customers continue to support us…but also extremely happy at the amount of new customers joining us…thank you one and all.


Loving Those Customer Comments…keep them coming…

A selection of the comments left by customers at St Mary’s Hospice shop;

‘The window display caught my eye as I was passing which was fabulous and drew me into the shop which was equally well presented. Well done everyone (and also made me spend Haha)’

The window display is always very imaginative and beautifully arranged and is a great credit to the staff who obviously spend a lot of time and effort on it. Above and beyond the call of duty!!!’

‘The window display is very professional, it looks elegant and beautiful. Whole shop is very well run with excellent staff.’

‘They always make you feel welcome, very friendly.’

I think you’d agree we couldn’t ask for better feedback. Why not come take a look yourself…see if you feel the same.

Yewbarrow Terrace,
LA11 6ED
Tel: 015395 32735

Opening hours:
10am – 4pm Monday to Saturday
11am – 3pm Sunday (during Summer)



Change Is Hard At First…Messy In The Middle…And Gorgeous At The End (Robin Sharma)

Have you ever been to Grange-over-Sands…what a beautiful little town…well worth a visit even on a rainy day.

Once people visit they seem to return year after year…enchanted by it’s character…when you sit by the lake it’s easy to see why…however…I might be slightly biased…but I think the best thing about Grange is our shop and plenty of customers agree!

Over the last seven months our shop has undergone a transformation…it hasn’t been the easiest journey…but goodness me it’s been worth it and it seems our customers agree!

One such customer today said ‘A lovely shop, much improved since I was last here. One of the best charity shops in the North of England, thank you.’

WOW…one of the best in the North of England…how amazing is that?

When Life Gives You Rainy Days…Wear Cute Boots And Jump In Puddles

I don’t know what the weather is doing where you are…but here in Barrow it hasn’t stopped raining all day…torrential rain…the type of rain that soaks you the minute you step outside the door.

It doesn’t seem to put our customers off…come rain or shine they’re still walking through the door…supporting the hospice…picking up a bargain…or a pair of cute boots!



#Loveyour£thing…love your volunteers…

We’ve had some amazing comments from customers coming into our Dalton Road clearance shop in Barrow…people can be so kind and supportive…makes you happy to be involved.

Yesterday I was chatting to a customer who said…’it’s the personalities of your volunteers that keep me coming back’ #Loveyour£thing…

Volunteers in the Barrow shop are an eclectic mix…all walks of life…all ages from teenagers to octogenarians…that’s what makes our shops so wonderful.

We have volunteers who have been with us for decades and those that only want to volunteer short term…it doesn’t matter…they all have something unique and valuable to offer the hospice…and we’re just so grateful they chose to volunteer with us.

The day after the day after the day after…

We’ve forgotten what normal is…we’ve spent so long focusing on the new warehouse that now it’s open we’re like…okay so what do we do now?

What did we do before every waking moment was filled with ideas about the new warehouse?

It’s a strange state to be in…my Boss and I are walking round bleary eyed thinking…right what now…I think we both need a couple of days to re-acclimatise ourselves to normal retail life!

Don’t worry though…it won’t take us long to regroup…refocus and re-energise.

A Heartfelt Thank You…

After a busy few months focused on the warehouse all that remains is to send a heartfelt thank you to all those that have helped make this project a success…they know who they are…and their names are displayed on our warehouse Thank You board for all to see…we really couldn’t have done it without them.

This is what it’s all about…communities…organisations…individuals…all coming together to help each other…look what can be achieved!

To our customers…old and new…thank you for your support…whether you donate or buy from us you definitely make a difference…St Mary’s Hospice would not be here without you.