Where Has August Gone?

My goodness…where has August gone?

This has been such a busy month…I can’t believe it is almost September!

At the start of August we were looking forward to the start of our Make Do and Mend project…just over 4 weeks later and we’re celebrating the sale of our first piece of upcycled furniture…it sold within 4 hours of hitting the shop floor…how awesome is that?

I’m not surprised really…the table was a real beauty!

We have 2 further items out for sale…both very different.

If your taste is for the individualistic…something you will not find anywhere else then this cute set of drawers might be to your taste. Stripping back the thick white paint we uncovered amazing things…beautiful old wood complimented by strikingly colourful paint…it seemed wrong to take it all off! It’s so tactile…I keep catching myself running my hands along the top each time I pass…I can’t resist!


Many hours of hard work…love and elbow grease have gone into this table but I think you’ll agree it’s worth it…don’t we all deserve a bit of pampering when we’re feeling a bit run down? We’ll have a stampede of neglected tables queuing at the door if word gets out…all hoping for a polish…a non-surgical face lift for furniture!



Are You Feeling Creative?

I love a juicy project to get my teeth into…you know when you just see something and you think…’I could do wonderful things with that’…and before you know what happened a very nice person is helping load it into your car!

Does that happen to you too…I’m sure it’s not just me? My guilty secret is furniture…my spare room is full of pieces in various stages of remodeling!

I was in our furniture warehouse this morning and they have got just the thing (things really!) for the adventurous or gifted refurbisher (I think I just made this word up but I’m sure you know what I mean!) Instead of waffling just let me show you the pictures…

I mean look at them…aren’t they amazing? Can you imagine what you could do with them?

There’s a lot of work needed to bring them back but oh my goodness wouldn’t it be worth it?

If these chair frames (at least 2 are Ercol) are calling your name then you need to call the warehouse fast…or leave a message on our Facebook page…I guarantee they won’t be around for long!


Are You Feeling The Love?

The shops have been busy readying their windows for Valentine’s Day…some fantastic ideas taking shape.

Here at Barrow Shop we’ve really tried to embrace the theme…’This Valentine’s Day…Love Your Hospice’…with our oversized heart in Forget Me Not colours 😊

St Mary’s Hospice…Feel The Love…

A great response to our ‘Close To Your Heart’ blog…it’s great to have so many people willing to share, a big thank you to those that have contributed so far…we’d love to hear from more of you so don’t be afraid to comment…message via Facebook or drop into one of the shops.

I thought I’d share this beautiful poem written and sent in by Lauren.

If you’re feeling creative…and brave why not try writing your own?



You’ve Only Got Until Monday! 

That’s right…our blind auction finishes Monday 8th January…if you want your garden parties to be the talk of the town then you need this  cheeky little chiminea!

You know what to do…stick your bid in an envelope and pop it into the Ulverston shop…if you can’t get there but would like to bid contact us on Facebook and we’ll work out a way you can!

Who wouldn’t want Colin (I couldn’t help naming him!)warming up their patio?


I don’t know about you but the period after Christmas and before New Year is a strange one…Christmas celebrations over but you don’t want to lose that holiday spirit… after all it’s nearly New Year…time to celebrate again!

If like me you feel a bit bored during this waiting period and you don’t know what to do…or you’ve had enough of the Christmas treats and want some fresh air…take a walk or drive (depending where you live of course! ) and visit our Ulverston Shop…check out our cute little chiminea (I call him Colin!)

Colin could be your forever chiminea…all you have to do is place the highest bid!

Be the envy of all your friends…whilst supporting your local St Mary’s Hospice…bid for Colin the Chiminea today…you know you won’t regret it!

minion 5

minion 6

minion 4

There is only one…

There is only one…Retail at St Mary’s Hospice is the official Facebook page for all of St Mary’s Hospice shops and their Warehouse.

This is how it should look…

We will never change the name of the page or replace the logo without notice…if you click on this page you can trust it is St Mary’s Hospice Retail Department you are talking to…search for Retail at St Mary’s Hospice…you can’t go wrong!

The pictures below show Facebook pages which should no longer be operating for St Mary’s Hospice…

If you’re using Facebook and you find yourself directed to one of these pages or any others that say they are operating for St Mary’s Hospice Retail…please block them…they are not the official retail page…

This is the official Retail Facebook page below…it’s pretty awesome and well worth following…don’t bother with imitations when you can have the real thing!

If you visit our Facebook page please like and share…let everyone know how good it is…you can find out all you need to know about any of our shops!