There is only one…

There is only one…Retail at St Mary’s Hospice is the official Facebook page for all of St Mary’s Hospice shops and their Warehouse.

This is how it should look…

We will never change the name of the page or replace the logo without notice…if you click on this page you can trust it is St Mary’s Hospice Retail Department you are talking to…search for Retail at St Mary’s Hospice…you can’t go wrong!

The pictures below show Facebook pages which should no longer be operating for St Mary’s Hospice…

If you’re using Facebook and you find yourself directed to one of these pages or any others that say they are operating for St Mary’s Hospice Retail…please block them…they are not the official retail page…

This is the official Retail Facebook page below…it’s pretty awesome and well worth following…don’t bother with imitations when you can have the real thing!

If you visit our Facebook page please like and share…let everyone know how good it is…you can find out all you need to know about any of our shops!



Our claim to fame this week…Barrow AFC manager Ady Pennock and player/coach Grant Holt visit our furniture warehouse!

Not only did they visit but they picked up a sofa for the manager’s office…along with a couple of other items.

Isn’t it great that local organisations see the value in what we sell and purchase from us instead of buying new.

I wonder if Allan got their autographs??

allan football club

I Always Check Closets For Narnia…

I had that Friday feeling today so headed to our warehouse…looking for that quirky item I love to feature on the last blog of the week…shock…horror…the warehouse was bereft of the unusual!

Now that’s not to say that the warehouse wasn’t full of some great items…because it had these in abundance…sofas…table and chairs…bedroom furniture…more than I can mention here…but I was on the hunt for the peculiar…the outlandish…the curious!

Alas it was not to be…

However while I was there a cutesy little pine wardrobe came in that made me start thinking of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. The wardrobe is perfect for a child’s bedroom and requires no work…unless of course like me you have a vivid imagination and enjoy making the ordinary extraordinary! You could give it a vibrant paint job…use wallpaper to make it a statement piece or if you’re feeling really brave…paint a scene from Narnia inside it!

The options are endless!



Busy Building Beds!

I called in at the Warehouse earlier…gosh they’re busy in there today!

Building bed frames…putting sofas back together…reassembling tables and chairs…the work never stops!

Thank goodness we have such a great team there…the gentle hum of conversation…muted laughter while they work…it’s a great atmosphere and a great place to grab a bargain!

Why not take a look for yourself you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s To A Merry Warehouse Christmas… 

It’s never too early to get your Christmas decorations up…here in the warehouse Christmas is in full swing and the customers are loving it!

We’ve almost sold a dozen Christmas trees…you can even buy them ready decorated for a little extra…our Trish has done an amazing job sprucing them up!

It wouldn’t surprise me if next time I’m at the Warehouse they’ve  got Carol Singers and roasted chestnuts!

Could This Be Our First Steampunk Inspired Piece…

We currently have a table and four chairs for sale in the warehouse…the most unusual I have seen! 

According to HuffPost…Caitlin Kittredge described Steampunk as…Victorian Industrial…and I wonder if this table and chairs would fit the bill!

Glass…heavy wood and industrial metal…designer piece or homemade…we really don’t know!

If you want a dining set that is a conversation starter this could be the one but you will need muscles to lift the chairs!

I have taken pictures (below) but they don’t do it justice…come down to the Warehouse and see it in all it’s glory…you won’t be disappointed.