Marvellous Millom!

The magnificent Millom team have done it again…another new event…another huge success…how do they keep doing it?

There are three main factors to their success…

Millom’s manager, June whose vision and drive help make these events possible…an annual fashion show, afternoon tea, bingo, Christmas pop up shop…what will she think of next?

The motivated volunteer team, without their input these events wouldn’t get past the idea stage…baking cakes, organising tombola gifts, bingo, serving drinks, modelling clothes, donating food…the list is endless

The majestic folk of Millom who constantly come out to support the Hospice not only at these events…but week in week out at their local hospice shop…a shop that would not be quite so successful without the constant stream of quality donations provided by local people…not to mention all the things they buy too!

Love Millom…Love Events…Love Your Hospice!



Put One Person’s Hat On Another’s Head – Chinese Proverb

Sneak preview of our vintage hats from Sue at Ulverston…

They’ll be on sale as soon as possible…aren’t they wonderful?

I don’t think they’ll be on the shop floor long before they’re sold…quality vintage items in great condition always sell!

Ulverston Dickensian Window Definitely Couldn’t Be Called Jog-Trotty!

Have you been down New Market Street Ulverston this week…our window is looking awesome…dressed for Dickensian it certainly has the shop and customers abuzz!

The shop has had a whiz-bang week so far…with customers rushing to snap up the Dickensian and vintage bargains…from faux fur coats to designer dresses! Rumour has it our lummy shop manager has just taken delivery of some vintage ladies hats in great condition!


Given that Ulverston Dickensian Festival is not too far away I may have included the odd word attributed to Charles Dickens in my blog today…not to flummox you…just a bit of fun! I wonder if you can work out which ones?


Jingle Bells Millom Style!

A lunchtime visit to Millom has certainly put me in a festive mood…the shop is a hive of activity as they ready themselves for Millom and St Mary’s Hospice first Christmas pop up shop!

It’s so exciting…we all know June and her wonderful team of volunteers know how to organise a successful event…I can’t wait for Saturday…I’m sure it will be awesome!

If you are wondering what to do on Saturday…wonder no more…Millom is definitely the place to be!

Is it ever too early to put your Christmas tree up?

When does your tree go up?

Here at Barrow Shop we put our tree up last week…the Warehouse has had their tree up since the beginning of November…and the response from customers has been wonderful!

I know some people moan about Christmas items being available too early in the shops…but personally I think it helps in the build up to Christmas…provides the excitement…reminds you of the magic of Christmas!

Christmas on a budget can be hard but in our shops you will find gifts and Christmas decorations that don’t break the bank!

Why not drop in and take a look…you could get a surprise!

I Always Check Closets For Narnia…

I had that Friday feeling today so headed to our warehouse…looking for that quirky item I love to feature on the last blog of the week…shock…horror…the warehouse was bereft of the unusual!

Now that’s not to say that the warehouse wasn’t full of some great items…because it had these in abundance…sofas…table and chairs…bedroom furniture…more than I can mention here…but I was on the hunt for the peculiar…the outlandish…the curious!

Alas it was not to be…

However while I was there a cutesy little pine wardrobe came in that made me start thinking of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. The wardrobe is perfect for a child’s bedroom and requires no work…unless of course like me you have a vivid imagination and enjoy making the ordinary extraordinary! You could give it a vibrant paint job…use wallpaper to make it a statement piece or if you’re feeling really brave…paint a scene from Narnia inside it!

The options are endless!



If Life Gives You Lemons…Sell Them And Buy Shoes!

What an amazing week we are having so far on Ebay!

A few weeks ago we had a donation into our Ulverston shop which included a numerous pairs of Gentlemen’s shoes…traditional…bench made…stylish and timeless. Realising the potential value of the shoes we sent them straight to our Ebay shop…that decision has definitely paid off this week!

Trickers bench made brogues…Trickers ox blood commando style…Loake & Sons bench grade commando style…were sold by Ebay auction this week bringing in a massive £230!

How awesome is that?

Ebay really has revolutionised charity retail…for the better!

Love Donations…Love Ebay…Love Your Hospice!