OOPS! My enthusiasm got the better of me…


I got a little carried away in this morning’s blog and gave you some misinformation…sorry.

Our wonderful array of Shrieking Violet jewellery IS NOT available in our Gift Shop…it is only online…however it is very easy to purchase through our Facebook shop…head to Retail at St Mary’s Hospice and fill your basket! If you have any difficulties you can always leave a message and we’ll answer any questions before you buy.

Shrieking Violet Jewellery Available From Retail At St Mary’s (Facebook shop).


I love this Shrieking Violet jewellery…I want to buy it all!!!

Shrieking Violet jewellery is hand-crafted with sterling silver & tiny Forget-Me-Not flowers which are encapsulated in resin. Every piece comes in a stylish gift box for those who wish to mark those special occasions with a unique and special gift.

The Forget-Me-Not flower symbolises faithful love and memories and makes this simple jewellery something special. Whatever your taste in jewellery I’m sure you’ll agree these pieces are absolutely beautiful.

On sale online at Retail At St Mary’s Hospice (Facebook page).

Forget me nots - made with real flowers 2Shrieking Violet Montage

Shrieking Violet - made with real flowers

Retail at St Mary’s Hospice Launch Facebook Shop

Our Facebook shop is live…we’re so excited…we didn’t quite launch it…no balloons or staff parties to celebrate the event…just quietly added it to the page with minimum fuss whilst we ironed out the glitches!

But now we’re shouting about it…we want everyone to know it’s here…so take a look in our shop…more products still to be added, but we couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer!

Christmas cards…diaries and our new range of Shrieking Violet Forget-Me-Not jewellery…all available from the comfort of your own house.

That’s right when you wake up at 2am in the morning suddenly remembering you meant to pick up a pack of St Mary’s Hospice Christmas cards and you promised Aunt Mabel you’d get her a diary…you no longer need to panic…just make a cup of hot chocolate (easy on the marshmallows), log in to Facebook and start shopping!

So head to our Facebook page…like us and follow us…that way you’ll always know what retail are up to.

online shopping image


Not Much Time Left…

If you want to have the chance to own the wonderful original artwork donated by Ulverston’s very own Loki…then you need to get your bid in this Bank Holiday weekend as the auction ends  9am, Tuesday 29th August…you won’t have another opportunity like this!

You can drop your sealed bid off at Ulverston St Mary’s Hospice shop or place it online by emailing Caroline.Welch@stmaryshospice.org.uk

It’s getting exciting!!!!

Star struck…

We have had an amazing donation at the warehouse…a telescope…not your ordinary hobby telescope that you might set up on the windowsill in your bedroom…this telescope is slightly bigger!

My knowledge of telescopes is a little sparse I’m afraid…it’s big…it’s Russian…it’s extremely powerful! Fortunately you don’t need to rely on me to tell you all about it…we have the specifications and instruction manual together with huge storage boxes to keep it safe when not in use.

You know the drill…if you need a giant telescope to make your Bank Holiday complete then leave a message at Retail at St Mary’s Hospice (Facebook) or call 01229 824830…don’t delay begin your stargazing in style and be the envy of all your friends!

I’ve Got That Friday Feeling…Something Fishy Is Going On!

I spent the afternoon at the warehouse yesterday…I’m sure they do it on purpose you know…save their quirkiest donations until I’m there…knowing I can’t resist the unusual! 

Meet Freda (the fish) on sale now in the warehouse 

Isn’t she beautiful…a fine specimen of what kind of fish, I’m not sure…but isn’t she fun?
Made from wood she has had a make over at some time in her life allowing her true personality to shine through with a flourish of pastel camouflage giving her that certain je ne sais quoi?

If you want to give Freda the home she deserves you know what to do…message Retail at St Mary’s Hospice (Facebook) or call 01229 824830…don’t delay she won’t be around long.

Facebook Selling

Exciting news…we’re now selling new goods through our Facebook page…our Facebook shop now has Christmas cards and diaries for sale.

Retail At St Mary’s Hospice…that’s the page you want to be looking at…it’s a new venture for us and we need your continued support if we’re going to make it a success!

We’ve started with Christmas but we have big plans for our online shop so I hope you can help us…if you’ve ever visited our Gift Shop you will know the wonderful variety of things we sell…eventually we want it all online too… but we need to know whether people want the opportunity to buy it this way…do you?

Please take the time to have a look at our shop and let us know what you think.