Go on…name that turkey!

If you haven’t had a go at naming the turkey yet why not have a go this weekend?

Barrow and Dalton both have it running in store now… £2 per guess seems a bargain when you see what you can win!

100 names to choose from…the winning name will be picked out of the hat by one of our customers…picked at random on the day…Wednesday 20th December.


Seeing is believing…

I happened to pop to Grange this morning…they were having internet problems hence no blog this morning!

Their Christmas window…wow…I knew it was good…but honestly you need to get down and see it…it is amazing!

Growing up in Newcastle one of our Christmas traditions was to visit Fenwicks window on Christmas Eve…it was magical…Grange window today took me back to my childhood and put the magic back in Christmas. ..thank you Grange.

The thought…the detail…the love that has gone into creating this…absolutely wonderful…no wonder you won first prize in the decorated shop window competition…totally deserved!


There is only one…

There is only one…Retail at St Mary’s Hospice is the official Facebook page for all of St Mary’s Hospice shops and their Warehouse.

This is how it should look…

We will never change the name of the page or replace the logo without notice…if you click on this page you can trust it is St Mary’s Hospice Retail Department you are talking to…search for Retail at St Mary’s Hospice…you can’t go wrong!

The pictures below show Facebook pages which should no longer be operating for St Mary’s Hospice…

If you’re using Facebook and you find yourself directed to one of these pages or any others that say they are operating for St Mary’s Hospice Retail…please block them…they are not the official retail page…

This is the official Retail Facebook page below…it’s pretty awesome and well worth following…don’t bother with imitations when you can have the real thing!

If you visit our Facebook page please like and share…let everyone know how good it is…you can find out all you need to know about any of our shops!

The Best Kept Shopping Secret Is Out!

Barrow Shop where all clothes…shoes…accessories are £1…it used to be the best kept secret in Barrow but now it seems everyone knows about it!

We still get the odd customer coming to the counter to query the price but most people coming into the shop know that once you step past a certain point every item you pick up will cost £1…how great is that?

If you haven’t experienced the wonder that is St Mary’s Hospice Shop Barrow then maybe it’s time you did…you won’t believe the quality items you can buy for just £1!

Put One Person’s Hat On Another’s Head – Chinese Proverb

Sneak preview of our vintage hats from Sue at Ulverston…

They’ll be on sale as soon as possible…aren’t they wonderful?

I don’t think they’ll be on the shop floor long before they’re sold…quality vintage items in great condition always sell!

Ulverston Dickensian Window Definitely Couldn’t Be Called Jog-Trotty!

Have you been down New Market Street Ulverston this week…our window is looking awesome…dressed for Dickensian it certainly has the shop and customers abuzz!

The shop has had a whiz-bang week so far…with customers rushing to snap up the Dickensian and vintage bargains…from faux fur coats to designer dresses! Rumour has it our lummy shop manager has just taken delivery of some vintage ladies hats in great condition!


Given that Ulverston Dickensian Festival is not too far away I may have included the odd word attributed to Charles Dickens in my blog today…not to flummox you…just a bit of fun! I wonder if you can work out which ones?


Jingle Bells Millom Style!

A lunchtime visit to Millom has certainly put me in a festive mood…the shop is a hive of activity as they ready themselves for Millom and St Mary’s Hospice first Christmas pop up shop!

It’s so exciting…we all know June and her wonderful team of volunteers know how to organise a successful event…I can’t wait for Saturday…I’m sure it will be awesome!

If you are wondering what to do on Saturday…wonder no more…Millom is definitely the place to be!