What’s Happening In Millom?

Our Millom Shop is currently closed…exciting news…it is having a refit!!

The end of last week was spent stripping it out ready for the refitting…it’s amazing how different a shop looks when it is empty of everything familiar!

It was great to see so many volunteers lending a hand to get it done.

I popped through yesterday and work was already well under way…new stud walls up…paintwork being prepared for painting…I can’t wait to see how it looks next time I’m there!


This Valentine’s day…Love Your Hospice…

Happy Valentine’s Day…today and for the previous 13 days we have been sharing the love for St Mary’s Hospice.

I’d like to thank everybody who has participated and shared their thoughts and feelings…it’s been really special reading them all.

Hearing the reasons behind why people support…shop…donate to the hospice…why they give up so much of their own time to volunteer for the hospice…why they use the hospice services has been a real honour.

Everyone’s story is different…but they all have one think in common…they demonstrate how essential the hospice is…how needed…how valuable…but most of all…how LOVED the hospice is by the community it serves.




A demonstration of painting with watercolours at one of our day care groups had everybody impressed!

So lucky to have such awesome people volunteering for our wonderful hospice…and watching such a talented artist led to much chatter about our own painting experiences .It was amazing to watch the painting progress through the afternoon…everybody seemed to really enjoy it.

Some lovely people who do a great job for our community.