Seeing is believing…

I happened to pop to Grange this morning…they were having internet problems hence no blog this morning!

Their Christmas window…wow…I knew it was good…but honestly you need to get down and see it…it is amazing!

Growing up in Newcastle one of our Christmas traditions was to visit Fenwicks window on Christmas Eve…it was magical…Grange window today took me back to my childhood and put the magic back in Christmas. ..thank you Grange.

The thought…the detail…the love that has gone into creating this…absolutely wonderful…no wonder you won first prize in the decorated shop window competition…totally deserved!



Millom Shop…In Verse.

A poetic contribution from one of Millom’s long standing volunteers.

June’s Shop

June works hard from morning till night

To make the shop look

nice and bright.

She smiles and chats to one and all

because she is a happy soul.

Bric-a-brac, clothes, books and teddies

June is always at the ready.

So when you buy

from St Mary’s shop

Just say THANKS June

You’ve got the lot!

Isn’t that great? What a lovely thing to do…June was well chuffed…and no wonder! Aren’t Millom volunteers a great bunch? If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the Millom team…exploring their small but beautifully stocked shop maybe now’s the time!

If you do visit why not drop me a line tell me how it was for you?

If anyone else has some retail related poetry they would like to share why not pop along to our Facebook page and leave a message…no point hiding your talent…share away!

Marvellous Millom!

The magnificent Millom team have done it again…another new event…another huge success…how do they keep doing it?

There are three main factors to their success…

Millom’s manager, June whose vision and drive help make these events possible…an annual fashion show, afternoon tea, bingo, Christmas pop up shop…what will she think of next?

The motivated volunteer team, without their input these events wouldn’t get past the idea stage…baking cakes, organising tombola gifts, bingo, serving drinks, modelling clothes, donating food…the list is endless

The majestic folk of Millom who constantly come out to support the Hospice not only at these events…but week in week out at their local hospice shop…a shop that would not be quite so successful without the constant stream of quality donations provided by local people…not to mention all the things they buy too!

Love Millom…Love Events…Love Your Hospice!


I Always Check Closets For Narnia…

I had that Friday feeling today so headed to our warehouse…looking for that quirky item I love to feature on the last blog of the week…shock…horror…the warehouse was bereft of the unusual!

Now that’s not to say that the warehouse wasn’t full of some great items…because it had these in abundance…sofas…table and chairs…bedroom furniture…more than I can mention here…but I was on the hunt for the peculiar…the outlandish…the curious!

Alas it was not to be…

However while I was there a cutesy little pine wardrobe came in that made me start thinking of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. The wardrobe is perfect for a child’s bedroom and requires no work…unless of course like me you have a vivid imagination and enjoy making the ordinary extraordinary! You could give it a vibrant paint job…use wallpaper to make it a statement piece or if you’re feeling really brave…paint a scene from Narnia inside it!

The options are endless!



There Is Magic In The Night When Pumpkins Glow By Moonlight.

Leaving Ulverston I moved on to Grange Shop…what a fantastic window display! 

Halloween themed…Dee has got it just right! I was there all morning and customer comments were brilliant!

The amount of tourists that make a visit to Grange Shop part of their holiday itinerary is astounding…I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a mention on Trip Advisor!

If you’ve visited our Grange Shop why not leave a comment…share your experience…

DIY Project…

Charity retail…what’s not to love…every week something different!

Fancy trying your hand at a bit of DIY this weekend? We have just the thing to kickstart your project…boxes of ceramic tiles!

A great way to try your hand at tiling without spending too much money! Come down to the furniture warehouse and take a look.

Every Artist Was First An Amateur – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I don’t know about you but I’m passionate about art…all of it! 

The thing I love about charity shops…especially ours…is that they are little artsy gold mines…dig deep enough and you never know what you might find!

Now I’m not saying you are going to find an original masterpiece or a Bergman cold painted bronze…but we do have some lovely prints…pictures and old photographs available in our Ulverston shop…so if you want to liven up your walls why not take a look!