Local street artist Loki has very generously donated an original piece of art to help raise funds for St Mary’s Hospice…how lucky are we? On display at our Ulverston shop.


Blind Auction

An exclusive chance to own a unique piece of artwork created by local artist LoKi.

Simply pop your name, contact details and your best offer price in a sealed      envelope marked “Blind Auction” and pop it in the post box if the shop is open or through our front door if we are closed.

The auction will end at 9am on Tuesday 29th August and the highest bidder will be notified. Please Make your bid as unique as possible to ensure you are the highest bidder.

Online bids can be emailed to Caroline.Welch@stmaryshospice.org.uk


All proceeds from the auction will go to St Mary’s Hospice



Working in a charity shop you really need to have an imagination…a sense of fun…you never know what your next donation is going to be…every bag is different…from papier-mâché ducks to vintage cameras…you just never know what you’re going to find!

That’s the beauty of charity shops…working in them…volunteering in them…shopping in them!

If you haven’t experienced a charity shop yet maybe now is the time.

We Can List It…You Can Buy It!

We get a lot of items donated that we just don’t have the space to sell in the shops…or that are too heavy to sell through eBay…it’s always been a challenge knowing exactly what to do with them?

Hopefully we now have the answer…from next week Dawn, our eBay-er , will be listing larger/heavier items on local selling sites…making costly postage unnecessary…great idea don’t you think?

From toilet seats to curtain poles…window blinds to occasional tables…we can list it…you can buy it…another exciting development brought to you by St Mary’s Hospice Retail

smiley face

Let Your Light Shine.

Barrow shop has gone lampshade crazy!

They have lampshades of all shapes…colours and designs…to fit lamps or ceiling lights.

The Barrow team spent Thursday morning sorting a mammoth collection of lamps and lampshades…only the best for our customers!

I can’t deny there was fun and games too…I mean who can resist wearing a lampshade as a hat (there are pictures but they won’t let me show you!)

A Wandering We Will Go

It’s been another glorious day for travelling round the shops.

Ulverston…Millom…Grange…all bustling with happy shoppers.

If you haven’t added St Mary’s Hospice shops to your list of ‘must see places’ now is the time to do it.

The sun is shining…the shops are full of bright summer colours…wonderful bargains just waiting to be bought…what better way to spend an August day?


Grange in bloom…you need look no further than Grange shop window…it’s an amazing array of colours and an absolute pleasure to see. 

I’ve been to the shop today and I’m not surprised that the comments box is brimming over with glowing customer feedback…Grange team you have surpassed all expectations…blooming fabulous!

If You Come Here You Will Find Hidden Treasure – Paulo Coelho

It’s been a busy week…I’ve visited all the shops…what treasure I’ve found!

The warehouse on Wednesday…a giant Russian telescope…it certainly got my interest! Just seeing the large box was enough to get me thinking…wondering what was inside…opening the lid and seeing the telescope…it was definitely a WOW moment!

They wouldn’t let me take the telescope for eBay…they’re still researching it, but they did give me some interesting bits and pieces, including 2 Beatles records…we’ll soon have them listed in our eBay shop!

I called in at Dalton next and picked up a doctor’s stethoscope and some new shoes from Carol…more stock for eBay!

Millom on Thursday and June had a pile of treasures waiting for me…including an old accordion…its a little bit rusted but has the original case…definitely eBay material! It rattled around my car boot and made a strange kind of music all the way back to Barrow…not the most tuneful if I’m honest…but I’m sure in the right hands it will sound better!