There Is Magic In The Night When Pumpkins Glow By Moonlight.

Leaving Ulverston I moved on to Grange Shop…what a fantastic window display! 

Halloween themed…Dee has got it just right! I was there all morning and customer comments were brilliant!

The amount of tourists that make a visit to Grange Shop part of their holiday itinerary is astounding…I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a mention on Trip Advisor!

If you’ve visited our Grange Shop why not leave a comment…share your experience…


DIY Project…

Charity retail…what’s not to love…every week something different!

Fancy trying your hand at a bit of DIY this weekend? We have just the thing to kickstart your project…boxes of ceramic tiles!

A great way to try your hand at tiling without spending too much money! Come down to the furniture warehouse and take a look.

Every Artist Was First An Amateur – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I don’t know about you but I’m passionate about art…all of it! 

The thing I love about charity shops…especially ours…is that they are little artsy gold mines…dig deep enough and you never know what you might find!

Now I’m not saying you are going to find an original masterpiece or a Bergman cold painted bronze…but we do have some lovely prints…pictures and old photographs available in our Ulverston shop…so if you want to liven up your walls why not take a look!

So What Is A Taster Day?

We know that volunteering is a big deal and sometimes the thought of everything you need to do to become a volunteer is off putting…I mean all that effort and then you find out you don’t even enjoy it…might as well not do it in the first place…just in case!

We understand that and that’s why we introduced taster days…an opportunity for you to try out volunteering before you officially apply…if you don’t like it that’s ok…you don’t go back…but at least you know…you’re not left wondering what if!

If you do enjoy your taster day then you can complete the recruitment process with more enthusiasm knowing that you’re applying for a volunteer role you’re going to enjoy…it’s a win win situation!

Taster days can be arranged through the shop managers of individual St Mary’s Hospice shops…they can be mornings or afternoons and give you the opportunity to experience all areas of charity shop volunteering.

If you would like to try a taster day in your local St Mary’s Hospice shop why not call in and speak to the manager…alternatively leave a message on our Facebook page, Retail at St Mary’s Hospice and we’ll get back to you…hope to hear from you soon!


Charity Shop Chatter

It’s raining but it doesn’t matter 

It’s Monday morning 

My day for charity shop Chatter.

I wake and get breakfast early

Grab my brolly

The volunteer today is Shirley.

I slowly walk the mile into town 

Windy and cold 

The weather won’t get me down.

I open the door and walk right in

Scan the shop

Books, jigsaws and a bargain bin.

Shirley sees me and gives a wave

‘Hello my lovely ‘

Her friendly smile makes me brave.

My shopping finished I go to pay

Nervous and shy

‘About that volunteer taster day…’

And Another Thing…

Something we were discussing yesterday in the car on the way to St Rocco’s Hospice was volunteer tasks and how they are evolving!

For example we have opportunities in some of our shops that bare little resemblance to accepted ‘charity shop volunteer’ roles…

  • eBay volunteer helping with post and packing, quality control, stock research
  • Kite books volunteer, scanning barcodes, checking quality of books and dvds, post and packaging

We will always need shop volunteers…those wonderful individuals that are at home behind the till…on the shop floor…or sorting and pricing stock…but a charity shop now has many layers to its operation…we’re constantly developing…thinking of new ways to bring income in for our amazing Hospice…and therefore the volunteer opportunities are also growing and developing…its a great time to become a volunteer!


Loki Original Auction Update

Well…hasn’t this been exciting?

Who knew it would generate so much interest?

So many people got involved…bids were coming in right up until the last day…it was great to be a part of it!

We would like to say a big thank you to all those that submitted bids…unfortunately there could only be one winner…hopefully you had fun taking part.

We must also say a massive thank you to Loki…what a star and a great artist!

St Mary’s Hospice is so lucky to have such amazing local support and the money raised from the auction will go towards continuing the great work the hospice does 365 days of the year.

Love Loki…Love Ulverston…Love your hospice!