Local street artist Loki has very generously donated an original piece of art to help raise funds for St Mary’s Hospice…how lucky are we? On display at our Ulverston shop.


Blind Auction

An exclusive chance to own a unique piece of artwork created by local artist LoKi.

Simply pop your name, contact details and your best offer price in a sealed      envelope marked “Blind Auction” and pop it in the post box if the shop is open or through our front door if we are closed.

The auction will end at 9am on Tuesday 29th August and the highest bidder will be notified. Please Make your bid as unique as possible to ensure you are the highest bidder.

Online bids can be emailed to Caroline.Welch@stmaryshospice.org.uk


All proceeds from the auction will go to St Mary’s Hospice


This Season Must Have!

The weather seems to be changing…more rain showers…unpredictable…you never know whether to take a waterproof jacket or not…here at the gift shop we have the answer!

Stylish…fun…practical! What more do you need…fits comfortably in your bag until you need it…what a fantastic idea.

We have a number of colours and designs…but this one is my favourite!


I Believe In Mermaids…

I’ve been sat the last half hour trying to photoshop images of a piece of furniture I found in the warehouse today…without success!

I wanted to show you both the wacky and the wonderful items we receive!

What caught my attention was an awesome coffee table…a four foot mermaid balancing a glass table top on her tail and arm…how often do you see one of those! 

I would love to show you pictures but you will just have to use your imagination…suffice to say it only lasted 12 hours on shop floor before it was sold…people do like something a little different!

Warehouse Wonderland

Spending time in our furniture warehouse today…it never ceases to amaze me…what a wonderful place to be!

You can feel the energy around the place…everybody busy with a job to do…deliveries to make…collections to pick up…furniture to move…customers to serve…it never stops!

The atmosphere…as always makes it a welcoming warehouse wonderland…a place to come whether you have a purchase in mind or not…you’ll never get bored of just looking…and maybe you will find that thing you never knew you needed…until now!

Why not pay us a visit…have a chat with our wonderful staff and see what all the fuss is about…you won’t be disappointed!


I Am Giddy, Expectation Whirls Me Round. The Imaginary Relish Is So Sweet That it Enchants My Sense – William Shakespeare.

We’ve gone slightly giddy in the Gift Shop…and given you bargains galore!!!

As you know we visited Harrogate recently, looking for new stock for the Gift Shop…we found some awesome products that we can’t wait to share with you…but first we have to make some room!

That can only mean it’s SALE TIME of course!

If you’re in Ulverston today why not pop up to the hospice…visit our wonderful Gift Shop and then treat yourself to lunch at The Orangery Cafe.

I’m So Excited…And I Just Can’t Hide It!

Kocostar is coming to the Gift shop…if you haven’t heard of their products then you’re in for a great surprise!

Cucumber…tomato…watermelon… lemon…sunflower…the most awesome home beauty treatment I’ve seen in a long time!

We’ve just tried the sunflower…wow it’s beautiful…can’t stop touching my skin…so smooth…smells wonderful…can’t wait for the stock to come in…roll on September!