That Friday Feeling…

My mother always used to say ‘ Don’t cry over spilled milk’…and I tend to agree…unless of course that spilled milk is part of your yummy hot chocolate and it is now flowing freely over your desk…paperwork and computer keyboard…then a few tears are perfectly acceptable!

That was Thursday’s mishap…one of many this week!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel clumsy in your thoughts and your actions…that’s been me this week! Spilled drinks…mispronounced words…tripping over thin air…thank goodness it’s Friday!

I intend spending my weekend flicking between our Ebay and Facebook page…it’s never boring in Retail…an auction to follow on Ebay…shop posts to read on Facebook…what more could I want…except maybe a hot chocolate!

hot choc



All That Glitters…

I love how everyone associated with retail has embraced the idea of Ebay…it makes the job so much easier!

Instead of one pair of eyes trying to pick out items suitable for Ebay we now have a veritable army taking part… shop staff and volunteers…not really involved in Ebay but eagerly looking through their shop donations for that one item that is going to give us all a pleasant surprise!

Jean at Barrow shop loves looking after the jewellery donations for us…she is meticulous…sorting…cleaning…checking…pricing…displaying…she can do it all! A couple of weeks ago she came across something that she thought could be worth something…she took it off to a local jeweller and came back very excited…she had only gone and found a genuine 9ct gold, opal brooch!

Days later and it’s listed on Ebay…and I’m happy to say it has now sold for £90…awesome! Thanks to Jean this exquisite brooch was sold for it’s true value…brilliant news for the person that donated the item and the hospice!

Love Barrow…Love Ebay…Love Volunteers

We are still looking for a dedicated Ebay volunteer…someone with photography skills…simple computer skills…someone who likes researching things…if this appeals to you why not drop me a line on Facebook…Retail at St Mary’s Hospice…and we’ll get right back to you!

Keep Calm And Love Violet…Shrieking Violet!

love violet

Starting to think about Christmas…wanting to spoil your loved ones and support St Mary’s Hospice at the same time?

Don’t worry we have made it easy for you!

Our range of Shrieking Violet Forget-Me-Not jewellery ticks all of the boxes!

Exquisite designs and quality 925 sterling silver make these items the perfect gift for all ages.

The Forget-Me-Not’s provide a subtle yet captivating reminder of St Mary’s Hospice…beautifully preserved in resin these tiny flowers carry so much meaning.

You can purchase these from our Facebook shop or at events attended by St Mary’s Hospice Retail…alternatively you can leave a message on our Facebook page with any queries and we’ll get right back to you…Retail at St Mary’s Hospice.

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Sharing The Love…

Oh my goodness…I’ve just seen this year’s Christmas Puddings and they look amazing!

I kid you not…you are going to be jumping up and down with excitement when you see the new packaging…and that’s before you even taste a pudding!

Sharing the love for St Mary’s Hospice…there’s nothing more to say is there…what a beautiful message.

We have 3 sizes of traditional Christmas puds…gluten free Christmas puds…chocolate and sticky toffee pudding too…find them in our shops from early October!


So Many Books…So Little Time!

If you are a self confessed bibliophile then we have an amazing volunteer opportunity for you!

Always fortunate with donations…we are particularly well supported with books. All of our shops sell them however there are some books (and DVDs) that just sell better online.

If you are someone who cares about books…methodical and organised…with a great sense of humour and an eye for quality…comfortable using a computer then this could be the role for you.

The system we use for selling online is really simple to use…if you can use a smart phone…tablet or computer then you should pick it up no problem.

If you would like to find out more about this role leave a message on our Facebook page…Retail at St Mary’s Hospice…we’ll get right back to you.

Happiness is…

I know…I’ve been talking a lot about volunteering lately…but it’s something I’m passionate about…I love to hear volunteer stories when I’m out and about in the shops…

What made them volunteer? Why they chose St Mary’s Hospice? What volunteering means to them?

I’ve been on holiday this week and to help pass the time I’ve been doing a little reading around the subject of volunteering…I found an article on which highlighted an exerpt from Simple Changes, Big Rewards: A Practical, Easy Guide for Healthy, Happy Living, a special health report published by Harvard Health Publications…Volunteering: The happiness effect

‘…they found the more people volunteered, the happier they were, according to a study in Social Science and Medicine. Compared with people who never volunteered, the odds of being “very happy” rose 7% among those who volunteer monthly and 12% for people who volunteer every two to four weeks. Among weekly volunteers, 16% felt very happy’  ( you can access the full article, Volunteering and it’s surprising benefits at 

Who doesn’t want to be happier? Why aren’t we all volunteering?

If you want to conduct your own research…and find out if volunteering makes you happier…why not volunteer in one of St Mary’s Hospice shops…see what happens!

Ulverston…Unapologetically Unique!

If you’ve visited our Ulverston shop recently then you will know what a lovely environment it is to spend time in…the first of our shops to be refurbished it’s both fashionable and quirky. Maintaining those familiar charity shop characteristics that customers love yet managing to be individual and unforgettable with its own style!


Volunteering in this shop is great fun…Sue the manager has lots of ideas and loves to get everyone fully involved!

Whatever your strengths are you can be sure Sue will have a role for you…sorting donations…pricing stock…rotation of stock…window dressing…researching items…serving customers filling shop floor…scanning for Kite books…the list is endless.

If you happen to be passing why not pop in and say ‘Hello’…I’m sure Sue would be happy to see you…ask her about volunteering…you might be surprised what opportunities are available.

If you can’t make it into the shop you can message using Facebook…Retail at St Mary’s Hospice…we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.