This Season Must Have!

The weather seems to be changing…more rain showers…unpredictable…you never know whether to take a waterproof jacket or not…here at the gift shop we have the answer!

Stylish…fun…practical! What more do you need…fits comfortably in your bag until you need it…what a fantastic idea.

We have a number of colours and designs…but this one is my favourite!


I Am Giddy, Expectation Whirls Me Round. The Imaginary Relish Is So Sweet That it Enchants My Sense – William Shakespeare.

We’ve gone slightly giddy in the Gift Shop…and given you bargains galore!!!

As you know we visited Harrogate recently, looking for new stock for the Gift Shop…we found some awesome products that we can’t wait to share with you…but first we have to make some room!

That can only mean it’s SALE TIME of course!

If you’re in Ulverston today why not pop up to the hospice…visit our wonderful Gift Shop and then treat yourself to lunch at The Orangery Cafe.